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Current Position: Graduate Research Fellow / Graduate Teaching Fellow at Texas A&M University; Department of Biomedical Engineering

Objective Statement: To obtain full-time employment in biomedical engineering. Specific interests include (but are not limited to) engineering education, medical device research & design, optical system design, and sustainable & global health applications.

I received my B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 2015, and began my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University in 2016. Throughout my education, I’ve also gained industrial experience with over 19 months of full-time engineering co-op work, and I’ve worked for over three years as a part-time engineering consultant doing medical product research and design.

I do my best to maintain a priority on instructional excellence as a Graduate Teaching Fellow and Academy of Future Faculty Associate Fellow, and through my membership in ASEE, IEEE, BMES, and SPIE professional societies. I have directly mentored or supervised over 23 undergraduate students in the research lab and led dozens of outreach activities to educate community members and K-12 students about STEM technologies as a part of the local SPIE chapter. 

As recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, my primary research interest is the discovery and application of cutting-edge technologies to create novel optical, mechanical, and computational systems that increase the accessibility and affordability of health care technologies, especially for those in under-developed or under-served populations. My graduate research focuses on point-of-care diagnostic and monitoring technologies for a variety of conditions as a part of the Optical Bio-Sensing Laboratory, Center for Remote Health Technologies and Systems, and PATHS-UP Engineering Research Center under the supervision of Dr. Gerard Coté.


Doctoral Research Mentor/Advisor:
Dr. Gerard Coté
Director, Center for Remote Health Technologies & Systems
Director, PATHS-UP Engineering Research Center
James J. Cain Professor I of Biomedical Engineering

Teaching Mentor
Dr. Mary McDougall
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs
Texas A&M Department of Biomedical Engineering

Industry Mentor:
Dr. Balakrishna Haridas
Professor of Practice, Biomedical Engineering
Director, BioInnovation Master’s of Engineering Program
Principal Investigator and Co-Founder, FDA Southwest Pediatric Devices Innovation Consortium

Instructional Service Supervisor:
Alan Brewer
Professor of Practice, Engineering Academic & Student Affairs
Former Professor of Practice, Texas A&M Department of Biomedical Engineering

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