Polymeric Lens Prototypes

This project was originally proposed by my undergraduate student, McCrae Wattinger. The final work and publication associated with the project represent extensive mentoring and coaching experience, as well as a tremendous amount of research and writing work on my part.

The project extended beyond the paper published into an investigation of various optical polymers compatible with the technique and the potential to coat the lenses to create low-cost parabolic mirrors.

Optics Express Journal Pub:

Wattinger, M., Gordon, P., Ghorayshi, M., & Coté, G. (2019). Method and system for the centrifugal fabrication of low cost, polymeric, parabolic lenses. Optics express, 27(15), 21405-21419.


Author: Dr. Paul Gordon

Biomedical Engineer with a passion for improving the functionality and accessibility of healthcare equipment for those who need it most.

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